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Ample Utility Capacity

The Energy of the Freightway

Modernized utility infrastructure


Missouri electric rates roughly 24% below average

Illinois served by deregulated electric markets

The St. Louis region offers a surplus of competitively priced utilities for businesses with energy and utility needs of all kinds. The region is served by Ameren Corporation, an investor-owned electric and natural gas utility providing critical energy infrastructure to the bistate area. Operating as Ameren Illinois and Ameren Missouri, each company brings unique competitive advantages to complement the region’s economic diversity.

Ameren Illinois

Ameren Illinois, powering the quality of life to 334,900 natural gas and 347,700 electric customers in southwest Illinois is advancing on a five year, $3.5 billion plan to install next generation ‘smart grid’ technologies designed to improve system efficiency, communications and reliability. In addition to infrastructure modernization, Ameren Illinois’ customers take advantage of deregulated electric markets to choose competitive supply and real-time pricing options customized around their own unique energy load profiles.

Ameren Missouri

Ameren Missouri, the state’s largest electric utility serves approximately 720,000 electric customers throughout the St. Louis area. As a fully regulated utility, Ameren Missouri maintains a diverse portfolio of 10,000 MW of generating capacity to meet the needs of a growing customer base. With an average industrial rate of $0.0543/kWh, Ameren Missouri’s regulated rates are approximately 24 percent below the national average for similar industrial class customers (Source: EEI Typical Bills & Average Rate Report-Twelve Months Ending June 30, 2015, Edison Electric Institute). Our focus on delivering reliable electricity places Ameren Missouri among the top performing 25 percent of all U.S. utilities.
Ameren‘s team of economic development professionals work in alignment with local and regional partners to address the development needs of new and expanding customers. In coordination, we help customers meet rapid product cycle demands while supporting sustaining growth.