America’s Central Port

Range of Services and Facilities

Located in Granite City, IL, America’s Central Port (ACP) and its tenants offer a wide range of services and facilities, including:

  • Barge, rail and truck commodity transfer
  • Industrial, commercial and residential development sites
  • Warehouse and commercial lease opportunities

The ACP Port Harbor Railroad (PHRR), a Class III short line railroad, provides 24-hour local switching and connections to all six North American Class I carriers and the regional switching carrier Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis (TRRA). ACP is also home to one of the region’s multiple intermodal sites. Several locomotives are stationed on-site to accommodate a growing number of tenants that require on-demand rail services.

ACP has container on barge capabilities and participated in the 2015 Paducah-McCracken County River port Authority and Ingram Barge Company container-on-barge trial run program.   ACP warehouses are located in a secured industrial park setting within Foreign Trade Zone #31.

ACP’s river harbor services include:

Dry Bulk Terminal

This facility is designed to easily handle more than two million tons of grain and grain by-products annually. Soybeans and corn gluten are the two most common grains handled through the facility currently. Grain is received either by truck or by rail and is loaded onto river barges for shipment to New Orleans for export. Each river barge can accommodate roughly 1,500 tons of grain. Bulk Service, Inc. operates the dry bulk facility at the port’s harbor.


The port has entered into a “fleeting arrangement” with an operator; Lewis and Clark Marine provides 24-hour barge switching services in the harbor. Lewis and Clark Marine provides excellent service in accommodating a multitude of commodities and moving barges to their respective positions.

General Cargo Dock

The existing harbor can handle literally anything by barge and transfer it to truck or rail. The General Cargo Dock, operated by Mid-Coast Terminal Company, handles commodities such as steel coils, metals, fertilizer and all other items not handled at the dry or liquid bulk terminals. The facility has handled, and can easily accommodate packaged and palletized goods and sea containers.

Liquid Bulk

A major component of the port’s existing harbor is the movement of liquid bulk products, primarily asphalt oil. Product is transferred from river barge into heated tanker cars or into storage tanks located on the property. The liquid terminal can handle a variety of liquids including food-grade oils.

Roll-On/Roll-Off Dock

ACP’s Roll-On/Off Dock can be used to transfer oversized and overweight items to and from the river from rail or road.


In October, 2015, ACP opened its $50 million Madison Harbor – built to increase handling capabilities of port operators to better accommodate the demands and needs of Midwest growers and shippers. The new harbor provides additional opportunities for multi-modal logistics and for the container on barge industry.