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The St. Louis Regional Freightway Purpose

Founded in 2014 as an enterprise of Bi-State Development, the St. Louis Regional Freightway further enhances the St. Louis region’s standing as a premier international freight hub. Under Executive Vice President of Multi Modal Enterprises, Mary Lamie, the Freightway coordinates regional freight development efforts, tightly connecting the private and public sectors while advocating the region’s greatest freight and site selection strengths.

The St. Louis Regional Freightway is an all-purpose authority for freight operations and opportunities within the St. Louis region. Contact us directly for more information on how the Freightway can help your business or organization succeed in the bi-state area.


The St. Louis Regional Freightway is a dynamic, multi-faceted enterprise which leverages its many strengths to achieve the following goals.

Build on Regional Successes

The St. Louis region has a significant range of assets which contribute to the success of individual companies, organizations, and the region as a whole. The Freightway is implementing initiatives to further enhance the experience for current and future users of our freight network, such as:

  • Improve first and last-mile connections
  • Streamline permitting processes

Promote Industry Specialization

Specialized industry clusters are a critical element in the success of regional economies. The St. Louis Regional Freightway focuses on optimizing St. Louis’ freight network by promoting business development and supporting workforce development to grow our existing specialized and emerging industry clusters.

St. Louis is home to specialized industry clusters, such as:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Cleaning Agent Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Metal Manufacturing & Recycling
  • Pharmaceuticals

Strengthen Modal Flexibility

The St. Louis region has strategic access to all major modes of transportation. The Freightway develops intermodal connections in the region to offer freight users flexibility and efficiency when shipping cargo across various freight platforms.

  • Second largest inland port
  • Four interstates with national access
  • Five airports with capacity
  • Six Class I railroads

Enable E-Commerce Growth

E-commerce is becoming an increasingly important facet of the national economy, causing customer expectations of faster service and more options. An effective freight network is an essential element of helping e-commerce providers meet customers’ rising expectations. The Freightway will work with e-commerce stakeholders to make the St. Louis region a critical part of this emerging practice.

  • Skilled IT workforce
  • Plentiful broadband infrastructure
  • Central location; closer to consumers
  • Congestion-free network, more efficient shipping & delivery

Capitalize on Panama Canal Expansion

The international freight network is experiencing significant shifts in freight routing and freight flows as the Panama Canal expansion project is completed in late 2016. While not all implications of the expansion are known, the St. Louis region is taking proactive steps to capitalize on any and all changes to global freight operations.

The Freightway is building connections and joint initiatives with Gulf and East Coast ports that are poised to see an increase in Asian-origin freight bypassing West Coast ports.

  • The newly expanded Panama Canal will allow for passage of cargo ships up to 3x larger than what is allowed today
  • The expanded canal allows for additional shipping options for much of the U.S.
  • The Panama Canal’s expansion coupled with the increasing need for lighting fast shipping creates a need for centrally-located warehouse and distribution, such as in the Midwest

Bi-State Development

The St. Louis Regional Freightway is an enterprise of Bi-State Development. BSD is a dynamic and multi-faceted resource for economic development in the St. Louis region. With expertise in planning and implementation, Bi-State Development provides real solutions to regional challenges with efficiency and accountability. With more than six decades of experience building jobs and initiating economic development, BSD continues to transform the St. Louis region for the better.

Our Partners

The Freightway would like to thank East-West Gateway Council of Governments and Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois for their ongoing support.