The St. Louis Regional Freightway Purpose

Founded in 2014 as an enterprise of Bi-State Development, the St. Louis Regional Freightway further enhances the St. Louis region’s standing as a premier international freight hub. Under Executive Vice President of Multi Modal Enterprises, Mary Lamie, the Freightway coordinates regional freight development efforts, tightly connecting the private and public sectors while advocating the region’s greatest logistics and site selection strengths.

The St. Louis Regional Freightway works to enhance and optimize the region’s freight network and strengthen modal flexibility, support workforce development initiatives that build our talent supply chain, and raise awareness about the global connectivity the St. Louis region offers that makes it a great location to establish or grow a business.

An all-purpose authority for economic development within the St. Louis region, the St. Louis Regional Freightway can help your business or organization succeed in the bi-state area. Contact us directly to learn more.