Priority Infrastructure Projects

The St. Louis Regional Freightway’s 2025 Priority Projects List includes 27 projects representing a total investment topping $8 billion. As of May 2024, more than $500 million in projects on the list had been completed and almost $2.3 billion in additional projects had been fully funded with many of those under construction or soon to be. Those numbers, which continue to grow year over year, underscore the tremendous commitment to improving freight infrastructure in the bi-state St. Louis region. The list, which represents the infrastructure needs of the manufacturing and logistics industries in the Eastern Missouri and Southwestern Illinois area, indicates tremendous progress on a range of projects that will strengthen critical roads, bridges, rail infrastructure, and port and airport facilities across the bi-state St. Louis region.

The Priority Projects List is a valuable tool used by the St. Louis Regional Freightway to align and amplify advocacy for support and funding for critical infrastructure improvements. It is compiled annually by the Freightway’s Freight Development Committee, which is a nationally recognized model of partnership and productive collaboration between the public and private sector across the eight-county area the St. Louis Regional Freightway serves and has driven the success in regional project prioritization. Business and industry leaders work directly with local and state officials and DOT’s to set infrastructure priorities by helping them to understand how infrastructure and efficiency impacts on-time delivery and costs.

“The St. Louis region remains primed to take its place as a global hub for logistics and the movement of goods throughout the United States and internationally. This list of [priority] projects goes a long way toward achievement of that goal.”

Chester Jones, Supply Chain Operations at True Manufacturing Co.