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The St. Louis region is rich with industrial parks and development-ready land for all types of industrial or corporate use.


Industrial areas/sites included on this website have the following criteria. For further information on the local real estate market please contact Mary Lamie at 314-982-1562 or via email at

Available Space

20 acres or greater


Broker, Developer, or local government/quasi government agency managing and marketing the site

Modern Bulk Warehouse Park

Modern Bulk Warehouse Park (minimum 24’ clear height for existing buildings) OR park with rail spur, rail potential (class one rail runs through property), airport runway access, or seaport access.


Existing buildings available and/or buildings under construction


Entitlements are in place (zoned, site plan approval, etc)

“The St. Louis region’s central location in the U.S. and its logistics capabilities has made the metro area a coveted destination for industrial users. As consumers demand faster shipping times, the St. Louis region becomes very attractive to e-commerce users.”

Katie Haywood, Vice President of CBRE