Intermodal Terminals & Manifest Terminals

The St. Louis region’s rail system includes the following four intermodal yards that carry a vast variety of retail or finished goods moving between manufacturers and distribution centers:

The BNSF Lindenwood Yard

The BNSF Lindenwood Yard, also known as BNSF’s St. Louis Intermodal Terminal, is located in St. Louis, MO and is near Interstate 44 and the Jamieson and Arsenal intersections. The Lindenwood Yard is considered one of the most efficient intermodal terminals in the St. Louis region due to its proximity to interstate highway and densely populated areas of the region. This terminal processes roughly 60,000 lifts a year. BNSF has also purchased 111 acres of land for future development at Fenton Logistics Park.

Terminal Railroad Association Rail Yard

Terminal Railroad Association Rail Yard is located in Madison County, IL and acts as one of the largest rail switching facility in the St. Louis region. Approximately 30,000 cars pass through the company’s switching facility on a monthly basis and are re-directed to other destinations. The switching yard consists of eighty inbound, outbound and holding tracks with a capacity of 2,200 cars at any one time. The company operates 17 locomotives to switch cars, deliver cars to local industries, and ready trains for departure.

The Norfolk Southern Luther Intermodal Yard

The Norfolk Southern Luther Intermodal Yard is located in the City of St. Louis, and offers access to Interstate 70 off Hall Street to Adelaide Street. This historic rail yard rests on 30+ acres of land and services a relatively high volume of trains passing through the Luther Yard every day.


The CSX East St. Louis Intermodal Terminal

The CSX East St. Louis Intermodal Terminal, operated by CSX Transportation, is also referred to as the Rose Lake Yard. The Rose Lake Yard is located in Fairmont City, IL and Washington Park, IL. The facility is part of the CSX Southeastern Corridor with gateways in Chicago, St. Louis and Memphis. It serves domestic and international intermodal freight, and averages a volume of 60-70,000 lifts per year.


The Union Pacific Dupo Intermodal Terminal

The Union Pacific Dupo Intermodal Terminal in Dupo, IL offers easy access to Interstate 255 and Illinois Route 3. This facility has 13 originating intermodal trains per week servicing Dallas, Los Angeles and Seattle. The Dupo Yard services coal-fired utilities in Southern Illinois and Kentucky and handles all container types, domestic and international.

KCS Valley Junction Yard

KCS Valley Junction Yard is the Kansas City Southern confluence of three TRRA lines – the Illinois Transfer Sub, MacArthur Bridge Sub, and the Oil Works Lead to Sauget – located in East St. Louis, Illinois. The yard serves as a terminal for dozens of trains every day.