Kaskaskia Regional Port District: KRPD 1 & 2

District Boundaries

The Kaskaskia Regional Port District boundaries include Monroe, Randolph and the southern half of St. Clair Counties. As the tenth largest inland port district in the country, Kaskaskia Regional Port District owns several facilities and partners with operators who lease, facilitate development and operate within the facilities. In addition to its current terminals, the Port District is developing a new Fayetteville Port which will serve as the closest river terminal to Belleville and Scott Air Force Base. The Fayetteville Port has 128 acres available for development with very economical lease rates.

Kaskaskia River Port District (KPRD 2) is an intermodal facility with river, rail and road access that is equipped for container on barge services with a 50-ton overhead electric crane and a 30,000 square foot temperature and humidity controlled warehouse.

Southern Illinois Transfer Co. (SITCO) is the tow company that supports the shipment of product on both the Mississippi and Kaskaskia Rivers for the following:

Kaskaskia River Port District (KRPD 1)

Located in New Athens, IL with rail served by Canadian National Railroad, KRPD 1 is owned by the Kaskaskia Regional Port District and operated by Kaskaskia River Terminal. Settled at river mile 24.5, KRPD 1 is home to a new inbound off-loading facility. Scrubber stone is shipped to the Prairie State Energy Campus in Marissa, IL from this facility.

The terminal is open to any shipper and includes:

  • A barge equipped with a hydraulic track-hoe and conveyor that loads trains bound for destinations in the Midwest and beyond
  • Train loop that can handle 125 car unit trains at any given time
  • Bulk terminal that can handle 3,000 tons of bulk material such as coal or grain from rail or truck to barge
  • Roll-off/roll-on ramp installed to handle oversized equipment


KRPD 2 is a multi-modal river, rail and road facility for steel, general cargo and bulk products, located at Kaskaskia River mile 18. The Material Works (TMW) operates a steel processing complex and Gateway FS operates a fertilizer distribution terminal.

The KRPD 2 terminal is open to any shipper and includes:

  •  A 50-ton overhead electric crane and a 30,000 square foot temperature and humidity controlled warehouse
  • Barge inbound handling includes steel, fertilizer and palletized goods
  • Ability to easily handle substantial containers with its overhead crane
  • Outbound product loading consisting of coal and slag
  • Property available for new and expanding companies that need river, road and rail access
  • Rail service provided by Canadian National Railroad

Kellogg Dock

This facility, also owned by the Kaskaskia Regional Port District, is located on the Mississippi River at river mile 125.5. It is a lock-free site for downstream bound tows. The dock is operated by Kinder Morgan and tow service is provided by SITCO. This facility includes:

  • Rail-to-barge terminal capable of receiving and loading at the rate of 4,000 tons per hour
  • Warehouse facility capable of storing up to 1,000,000 tons of coal
  • Multi-purpose dock featuring a 300 rail car yard with service provided by Union Pacific Railroad