Multiple Proclamations Recognize Both FreightWeek STL And National Maritime Day

Multiple Proclamations Recognize Both FreightWeek STL And National Maritime Day
May 23, 2018 Matthew Hibbard

An early highlight from day two of FreightWeek STL came in the form of more than half a dozen proclamations issued by the City of St. Louis, counties on both sides of the Mississippi River, Missouri State Legislature, and the state of Missouri, all declaring the week of May 21 – 24 as FreightWeek STL and May 22 as National Maritime Day in each of their individual jurisdictions.

“We’re thrilled to have so many municipalities demonstrate their support for the work we’re all engaged in and their confidence that initiatives such as FreightWeek STL will make a difference,” noted Mary Lamie, executive director of The St. Louis Regional Freightway. “That’s an important message we want to share with the estimated 2,000 participants gathering in St. Louis for this inaugural event.”

The proclamations recognizing Freight Week call attention to the inaugural FreightWeek STL, a partnership between The Waterways Journal, the Institute for Trade and Transportation Studies (ITTS), and the St. Louis Regional Freightway to bring together freight and transportation experts and exhibitors from around the nation to share ideas and collaborate on the forward movement of America’s freight.

They acknowledge the role The Waterways Journal plays in that forward movement. Published since 1887, it is the only American maritime publication focused on inland waterways and their impact to the nation’s freight economy. For the past five years, The Waterways Journal has been hosting the Inland Marine Expo (IMX), the first and only event that exclusively showcases the equipment and services critical to the movement of goods along inland waterways. The 5th annual IMX is a key component of FreightWeek STL. The proclamation language also recognizes ITTS’ contribution, which centers on the provision of research data and expert opinions to its members concerning the effects of commercial freight movements on domestic and international activities, with reference to infrastructure and transportation needs and safety implications.

The proclamations also highlight the involvement of the St. Louis Regional Freightway, which was established to create a comprehensive, regional approach to freight management, infrastructure and marketing to position the bi-state region to take full economic advantage of the 45 percent growth in freight volume projected over the next 25 years. Most importantly, they conclude that FreightWeek STL will advance freight innovation and collaboration nationally, while also raising awareness of the entire bi-state region as a premier freight gateway and multimodal hub with a diverse network of freight infrastructure.

The declaration of May 22nd as National Maritime Day by several of the jurisdictions recognizes the vital role our waterways play in the nation’s commerce.  The proclamations note how, since the U.S. Congress in 1789 created an act to encourage the use of American vessels for trading between the States, the maritime industry has been a cornerstone of trade and commerce in the United States, and today provides and supports hundreds of thousands of jobs in every corner of the nation.

They call attention to the St. Louis Regional Freightway’s port system, which includes the nation’s third and eighth largest inland ports and helps more than 105 million tons of cargo pass through the St. Louis region annually. Like the FreightWeek proclamations, they acknowledge the role of both ITTS and The Waterway’s Journal in supporting the region’s maritime industry. And they call out the dedication and hard work of thousands of deckhands, dock operators, port workers and other maritime employees who move about 630 million tons of cargo, valued at over $73 billion, through the inland waterway network each year.

The proclamations were issued by the State of Missouri, City of St. Louis, St. Louis County, Mo., St. Clair County, Ill., Madison County, Ill., and Missouri State Representative Nate Tate.

FreightWeek STL continues through May 24th, offering various sessions and events through which participants can gain insight that will help them to individually capture their share of the increased freight volume, while simultaneously working together to advance America’s overall freight industry. They also will have ample opportunity to gain firsthand exposure to the St. Louis region’s enviable location as the epicenter of American Logistics.

To see a full schedule, click here. For detailed descriptions of each of the Education Sessions, click here. To learn more about FreightWeek STL, or register to attend any remaining sessions, visit

The Waterways Journal, Inc., is a full-service media company that produces trade magazines, trade shows like IMX, directories, websites and related communications. It is a family owned business operating in St. Louis, Mo. since 1887. Through its division, Ripple Custom Media, it also produces consumer titles and provides custom publishing services.

The Institute for Trade and Transportation Studies (ITTS) is a multistate research institution formed to assist member states on understanding the relationship of transportation needs to international and commercial traffic.  ITTS is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in the State of Louisiana. Current membership consists of the State Departments of Transportation from the following States: Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Virginia and West Virginia. ITTS’s mission focuses on providing research data and expert opinions to its Members concerning the effects of commercial freight movements on domestic and international activities, with reference to infrastructure and transportation needs and safety implications.  

The St. Louis Regional Freightway is a Bi-State Development enterprise formed to create a regional freight district and comprehensive authority for freight operations and opportunities within eight counties in Illinois and Missouri which comprise the St. Louis metropolitan area. Public sector and private industry businesses are partnering with the St. Louis Regional Freightway to establish the bi-state region as one of the premier multimodal freight hubs and distribution centers in the United States through marketing, public advocacy, and freight and infrastructure development.  To learn more, visit