APH Seeking Bids For Container Vessels

APH Seeking Bids For Container Vessels
December 23, 2021 Jared Haynes
A rendering of a container-on-vessel on the Mississippi.

This story originally ran in the Waterways Journal on December 22, 2001

Sal Litrico, CEO of American Patriot Container Transport LLC (APCT), made a long-awaited announcement December 17 at a press event in Herculaneum, Mo. Litrico, whose company is developing the patented new vessels that will carry containerized cargo along the Mississippi, Illinois and Missouri rivers, revealed that APCT has issued a solicitation to seven U.S. shipyards for construction of four of the patented container vessels that will provide the new container-on-vessel (COV) service, and an option for four more. The call for submissions was issued December 14 and proposals are due at the end of February, he said. 

Litrico also announced new partnerships for the COV venture to develop a new container port at Herculaneum with a target operational date of the fourth quarter of 2024. “We came here with a vessel design that is revolutionary,” Litrico said. “We wouldn’t be here without your support.”

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