Governor Parson pushes to widen St. Louis Highway-70

Governor Parson pushes to widen St. Louis Highway-70
January 31, 2023 Jasmine Thomas

This article originally ran in the St. Louis Post Dispatch on Jan. 18, 2023. 

In a 50-minute address to lawmakers, Parson called on the House and Senate to approve $859 million to add lanes on the highway from Wentzville to Warrenton in the St. Louis region, while also widening parts of the thoroughfare in Columbia and suburban Kansas City.

A push to widen the east-west artery has been gaining steam for years as heavy truck and car traffic have frustrated motorists and affected the transport of goods.

This year, Parson wants to take advantage of record budget surpluses to get the widening started.

“To those who say we can’t afford it, I say we can’t afford not to. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and the time is now,” Parson said.

The work on I-70, which may not get underway for at least two more years, was among a number of highlights outlined by Parson as he delivered his penultimate State of the State speech to a packed House chamber.

Along with spending on transportation, Parson urged lawmakers to make funding for schools and child care a top priority.

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