Job Alert: Executive Director, Jefferson County Port Authority

Job Alert: Executive Director, Jefferson County Port Authority
October 19, 2021 Jerry Vallely
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The Jefferson County Port Authority is accepting applications for a new Executive Director.

The Jefferson County Port Authority is looking for an exceptional, results-driven leader as their next Executive Director. The ideal candidate will partner with the JCPA as a supporter and advisor, while realizing they work for the Board of Directors. The individual will be comfortable telling the Board what it needs to hear, not what it wants to hear, and they will support recommendations and opinions with facts. An eye for detail will be important

The Director will be personable, intelligent, bold, upbeat, friendly, outgoing, organized, positive, responsive, completely honest and transparent with a “can do” attitude. Thinking critically and creatively will be very important. The next Director will have excellent verbal and written communication skills. They will recognize, however, that the most important aspect of communication is often listening hearing what others have to say and making everyone feel their views are understood. Being respectful and direct, as well as clear and concise, will matter a great deal.

The Director will have a strong moral compass and will understand politics but not become involved. The selected candidate will be expected to make a commitment to JCPA, this position should not be viewed as a steppingstone.

Interested and qualified candidates must apply on or before Monday, November 1, 2021. The JCPA reserves the right to extend the closing date without notice to accept additional applications. Please submit cover letter and resume to no later than 4:30 p.m. Monday, November 1, 2021.


  • Advise the Board Chair and Board of Directors
  • Provide strategic vision and leadership to the JCPA Board of Directors and Stakeholders
  • Organize, prepare and submit accurate monthly agendas, meeting packets and reports on a timely basis to Board
  • Prepare and present to Board a monthly and annual report of JCPA’s affairs
  • Oversee the JCPA financial function in the preparation of financial reports, develop the annual budget and annual audit reports for recommendation to the Board.
  • Develop and maintain effective organizational policies and ensure all JCPA activities are implemented within the established policies, guidelines, laws and ethical standards
  • Attend meetings of the Board and other designated organizations such as the Jefferson County Council, the Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation, Jefferson County Growth Association
  • The Director shall be responsible for keeping the public informed in the purposes and methods of the JCPA through all available media
  • The Director shall keep the JCPA website and social media accounts up to date and functional
  • Financial Capital fundraising and income securement, including grant income, public private partnerships, property acquisition and potential income strategies development
  • The Director shall attend state and regional conferences and programs applicable to his/her office and the business of the JCPA
  • Collaborate with other transportation modes to broaden JCPA’s reach and enhance customer value
  • Build and maintain significant relationships with Inland River Ports, port authorities, cruise lines, and barge lines, freight interests, trucking lines, agents, brokers, waterway carriers and act as final authority for decision making.
  • Lead, facilitate and collaborate on key industry and organizational initiatives including short- and long-range plans, project development opportunities, key partnerships and business relationships, multicultural developments, national and regional branding
  • Establish leasing and development goals and oversee operations, and marketing initiatives.  Including negotiation, implementation and overseeing terminal operator agreements
  • Knowledge of state and federal legislative proposals which might affect JCPA’s interest
  • Represent JCPA and overall port industry to community leadership to ensure support for important projects.  Including local, county, state, and federal government agencies, professional organizations, and general public. Designated as Port Authority State Legislative contact
  • Available to travel on behalf of the JCPA domestically and internationally
  • The JCPA Board of Directors reserves the right to amend or change the Executive Director’s Job Description based on the business requirements of the JCPA


  • Bachelor’s in Public Administration, Business, Finance, Engineering, or (equivalent) related field; MBA preferred
  • Experience in government functions and procedures, including Sunshine Law requirements
  • Experience in maritime executive management (or closely related experience) with strong skills relating to the ability to develop and administer port policies and procedures, ability to create a positive work environment
    • Experience working with boards and developing relationships with multiple and diverse stakeholder groups including various government entities.
    • Experience in implementing successful national and regional partnership programs
  • Understanding of economic development and the impact on communities
  • Prior experience of managing budgets, grant writing
  • Proven experience developing and executing strategic marketing plans
  • Champion personal leadership characteristics that include communication and organizational skills
  • Maintain a commitment to professionalism, excellence and integrity


  1. Establish relevant relationships with JCPA commissioners, stakeholders, industry leaders and government officials; maintain effective on-going communication
  2. Develop short-term and long-term goals for JCPA
  3. Develop a high-profile presence in the Port jurisdiction community
  4. Build national and international business development reputation


The salary range is expected to be $65,000 to $75,000. A vehicle allowance will be part of the overall compensation package. Other benefits, including 401k, health, dental, vision and life insurance packages are available.


The Jefferson County Port Authority is a Political Subdivision of the State of Missouri formed in 1976 to promote the development and operation of a Port system in Jefferson County, Missouri.

The Jefferson County Port Authority is seeking its next Executive Director.  The Executive Director will be charged with leading the creation of intermodal terminal and industrial facilities, promoting maritime commerce, trade and development along the Mississippi River and throughout Jefferson County, Missouri.

The Jefferson County Port Authority has been granted broad governmental and business enterprise powers for the purpose of promoting economic development and job creation. The most important of these powers are:

  • To acquire, own, construct, develop, lease, maintain commercial and mixed-use development, industrial parks and facilities and terminals, and other types of port facilities.
  • To promote and expand river throughput of cargo and freight.
  • To promote the full integration of multi-modal transportation assets to increase commercial opportunities locally, nationally and internationally

The Executive Director reports to a 9-member diverse Board of Directors and possesses overall responsibility for the direction and management of the day-to-day business operations of the JCPA.

For more information about the Jefferson County Port Authority and other Port related entities visit: