Ostara to Build 200,000 Ton Fertilizer Production Facility in St. Louis

Ostara to Build 200,000 Ton Fertilizer Production Facility in St. Louis
June 30, 2022 Matt Fernandes
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This article originally ran on globenewswire.com on June 27, 2022. 

Construction of the Facility Estimated to be Completed in 2023 and Add 40 Jobs.

Farmer and retailer demand for an innovative and highly efficient, U.S. produced phosphate fertilizer, is increasing every day. As a result, Ostara is building a new facility to produce its platform product, Crystal Green®, a highly efficient granular phosphate fertilizer in the heart of the Corn Belt. The new central U.S. located plant will better serve farmers with numerous logistical advantages. Farmers are looking to increase yield and quality without negative environmental impact, and Crystal Green delivers both.

“Ostara is excited to be bringing additional tons of Crystal Green to the market as demand has continually outpaced supply. The St. Louis facility is great news to North American farmers as we add needed tons to the market. Farmers really want a more efficient phosphate fertilizer option that feeds crops all season by avoiding nutrient loss through soil fixation, runoff and leaching, and that’s Crystal Green,” says Ron Restum, chief commercial officer at Ostara. “The timing couldn’t be better as the industry is looking for more locally produced fertilizers that avoid international supply chain issues. Additionally, the new plant will support much needed economic growth in the Midwest.”

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