America’s Central Port Continues Steady Growth

America’s Central Port Continues Steady Growth
December 23, 2019 Jerry Vallely
Aerial photo of America's Central Port

This story was originally published in The Waterways Journal on November 29, 2019.

David Murray | The Waterways Journal

“America’s Central Port is finishing out its 60th anniversary year by continuing its steady strategy of growth, transformation and diversification.

Centrally located with access to four U.S. interstates, six Class-I railroads, 30 miles of rail, two multi-modal harbors, warehousing and 100 acres of development-ready land, the port serves manufacturers across the food, fiber and energy supply chains and is a key component of what has been dubbed “America’s Ag Coast.”

Located in Granite City, Ill., across the river from St. Louis, Mo., the port benefits not only from its unrivaled central location, but from being part of the “Ag Coast” network of port facilities, grain terminals and elevators that are so dense in and around St. Louis. Apart from grain, the St. Louis region is an increasingly important logistics node for many other commodities—and America’s Central Port is playing a key role in that network…”

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